Ultra HDTV Requirements

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Ultra HDTV is a heavily demanding technology (What is Ultra HDTV?). For starters, the technology displays an Ultra HD resolution four times greater than standard HDTV, and it does this at 60 FPS (frames per second); standard HDTV only does this at 24 FPS. Some say that this high-speed raises Ultra HDTV health concerns.

Ultra HDTV requirements include 300Mb/second transmissions using a compressed image at 24 FPS, while 60 FPS will require a new compression system to meet with realistic household fiber-optic connections.

In addition, Ultra HDTV displays will require new electrode materials to power the 4x high-speed pixel requirements.

Processing power is also a major requirement with Ultra HDTV. Current technology is unable to effectively process the Ultra HDTV signal. At 60 FPS, this signal requires processing power at 2400 GOPS.

The technology requirements for Ultra HDTV are expected to materialize between 2012 and 2015.

A protype NHK UHDTV camera

A protype NHK UHDTV camera. (Vonkrogh/Wikipedia Germany)

NHK Super Hi-Vision camera

NHK Super Hi-Vision camera