DirecTV Prepares for Ultra HDTV

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DirectTV has started preparing their infrastructure for Ultra HD broadcasts, according to reports.

Philip Goswitz, senior vice president of space and communications and technology development for DirecTV,  at the Satellite 2012 event in Washington, said “4,000 and 8,000-line services are great for the satellite industry, and will ensure that satellite broadcasting continues to distinguish itself for image quality of service. We see this as a key strategic advantage for us.”

He continued, “At DirecTV we see a couple of things happening. First, our subscribers are migrating away from Ku-band, and upgrading themselves to Ka-band and its HDTV services. In four or five years, our Ku-band [transmissions] could end. We are also developing the so-called Reverse Band for DBS services, and these are on our Road Map for future international services. 4000-line is exciting to us because of its image quality, and the potential for glasses-free 3D.”

DirecTV may migrate from Ku-band to Ka-band satellites. Ka-band satellites offer higher bandwidth than Ku-band satellites, but reportedly are more susceptible to so-called “rain fade,” or a degradation of performance during rainy conditions.


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